Not everything I write goes somewhere, and not everything needs to go somewhere. This is list of a 1st drafts and shelved projects.

Sophie Darby is 24 years old. There are 296 photos of her on social media, and not one of them indicates she disagrees with the status quo. She’s a model trying to become an actress, but she’s also a complete psycho. Set in London bars, apartments and casting studios, Social Psycho takes place in a world where looks are everything, but everyone’s so obsessed with their appearance they have no clue what’s going on. They don’t realise Sophie has a bloodlust, an urge to murder and maim and mutilate. All of which she does with impunity in this satirical horror.

Set just days before the D-Day landings, this is the story of one of 32 Pigeons who won a Dickin Medal in World War II. Featuring Parachuting spies, French Resistance Fighters, Ruthless SS Soldiers, Code Breakers, and a boy who wants his pigeon back.

Woody is War Horse with a Homing Pigeon.

This historical story of animal herosim was written as a 60 minute TV special with a happy Christmas ending.

A team of scientists is recruited by a shady Government contractor and sent to Antartica where researchers have discovered a something under the ice.

88° South is an adventure into the least understood, least appreciated, and least hospitable continent on our planet,.

When Rich moves to a new house and his Mum leaves on holiday, it’s time for a party. He invites his 2 misfit friends and they get down to business…

But when they discover what’s in the attic things take a nasty turn.

Let Them Come is a low budget Horror/Comedy set over a single weekend.

Private Island is a movie about a TV show. 4 contestants are put onto an island to live and survive without outside help.

But when the production company responsible for the show goes bankrupt the contestants are forced to learn the true meaning of survival.

Charlie is a newly elected MP. Fresh faced and popular, he could go far if he flies low and tows the party line.

But following a chance encounter with a homeless man, Charlie discovers how politics really works, and leaves the party he joined to found his own; The Tinfoil Hats.

So ensues a bizarre campaign that brings Charlie into direct confrontation with the press, the politicians, and a corrupt society that would rather kill him than accept the truth.

Dixon is on the edge. He’s looking off the cliff face into a gathering storm. Drunk. Upset. Ready to jump. But then he sees an unconscious man rolling in the waves. An instinct kicks in. Dixon scrambles down the cliff and across the beach to save him. The man, unconscious but alive, is delivered safely to hospital. And Dixon is a hero…until the man escapes from Hospital and the bodies start showing up.

In steps DCI Tinly. The Investigating officer with a past. She teams up with Dixon to crack the case. Dixon needs to make amends. Tinly needs to make a point. They’re a good team. But they’re up against a big dirty mess of human trafficking gangs and bent cops.

Three Days in Spring is set in rural Norfolk and told over 72 hours in April.

Quicksilver is a 3 part TV series about a woman on the edge.

Episode 1 stuns her with the realisation that her husband is having an affair with her friend, and sends her on a mission to find the evidence and file for divorce. This goes wrong when the Investigator she hired to help is murdered, and the cheating husband frames her.

Episode 2 has the woman on the run. Just her and the road. Evading capture and learning what life can be when you’re forced to leave who you are behind.

Episode 3 is the pursuit of justice. She fights to see her children, clear her name, and bury the pieces of shit who threw her under the bus.

Welcome to the early 2042. Where spaceships are built by slave labour on the moon under the guidance of an omniscient quantum computer.

Following the story of Cosima (a young girl with an important father), a scientist with a beautiful dream, and a bounty hunter named Herb, Moon Prison covers final few days of earth as we know it.

Jay’s just another victim of circumstance; abused at home, bullied at school.

When a serious incident lands him in hospital he wakes up with a new perspective…more specifically a singular and foreceful voice in his head. The voice idenifies itself as Coffey, and tells Jay, “set me free and I’ll give you want you want”.

Jay and Coffey strike a deal, but as Coffey’s true nature comes out, Jay turns more and more to the darkside.

A busted old detective picks up a private case from a freshly paroled convict. The brief; bring down the the man who framed him and set things straight. This action-comedy covers well trodden ground.

A bloody and action packed western set in modern times.

As bodies pop up along the southern border a has-been sheriff chases down his redemption.